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Had to add Greg Easterbrook to the blogroll; he's pretty dang good. Yes, he's the same guy who does monday morning quarterback for ESPN, but I'll be danged if I'm gonna link to that; I'm afraid of what Camille or Amy would say. (As it is, if they ever read this, I'll probably hear it anyway just for calling Rush an idiot. Oh well.)

Anyway, to try to get back to what I was wanted to say, he rants about SUVs here. You know, I don't like SUVs. I agree with most of his points. But when he says,

The growth in popularity of SUVs and pickups continues to account for multiple social problems in the United States--road rage, traffic congestion, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, political dependence on Persian Gulf dictators. Yet still no political leader has made doing something about these vehicles his or her cause.
I have a couple of questions. First, I disagree that "no political leader has blah blah". This is what Arianna tried to do in the recall election -- boy, that sure went over well.

Second, I have to wonder what the heck he's proposing. I think he wants to even the playing field for CAFE standards; allowing SUVs to get away with murder because they're "trucks" is kinda stupid. However, this doesn't get past the fact that there are people out there who need trucks for work -- farmers, construction workers, Elder's Quorum Presidents, etc. -- and this would make their trucks prohibitively expensive. Do we create some sort of registration system where Big Brother decides if you can have a truck or not? AUGHH!!! Of course, even with such a registration system, the rich would be able to get their 25 MPG truck, it'd just cost an arm and a leg. Is that fair? (And shut up, you there in the back, saying, well, I don't have a Beamer, that isn't fair, either! If I hear you say that again, I may have to kill you. ;)

I've heard before that we should just quit calling SUVs trucks for CAFE purposes -- but this doesn't get past all those people out there who have made the F-150 the best selling vehicle in America, at least per Easterbrook. It's a good start, though.

Hey, I probably dislike SUVs more than nearly everybody you know, but I honestly can't think of a decent political solution.
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