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Tue 30 Sep 2003

I generally ride the bus to and from school; IU students get to ride free. (whoo-hoo!) There are some interesting people you meet on the bus. Yesterday, I somehow got involved in a conversation between a Walmart employee and a new SPEA student who had, apparently, just arrived from Azerbaijan. The student said he was a graduate student, and the Walmart employee apparently had some difficulty with that concept. I tried to explain it to him. Then the student talked about where he came from, asking the employee if he had heard of Azerbaijan. I just had to bury my head in my hands -- if he doesn't know what a graduate student is, being from Bloomington, then there's little chance that he knows where Azerbaijan is. Then the sad thing is, the student tried to explain where it was by explaining about the "Soviet Country", and going on for a bit about the Cold War, which, as you can probably imagine, the Walmart employee didn't know anything about, either. I tried to explain then, to the foreign student, about how here it's usually called the "Soviet Union", just an idiom, you know, but I don't think his vocabulary extends quite that far yet. Shoot, I don't think I know what the word for "idiom" in Spanish is.

Geez, no wonder foreigners think we're all idiots. The only people who talk to them are, well, special.

(Just a note in case Duncan is reading this (which is highly unlikely, but hey -- you never know) -- I vehemently deny any bias against Walmart employees in general, they have very difficult jobs, and I don't envy them a bit.)

I almost have to wonder if it wasn't some sort of set up, like I was on Candid Camera or something, the whole situation was so silly.

A few weeks ago I saw a bus regular (you know, you sort of see the same faces a lot when you ride the bus regularly) ranting about people who just rode the bus all day long! I mean, come on, get a life, people! When I ride the bus, I've got business to do, you know, I have important things to do, I don't just ride the bus all day long! OK, I admit, I've done a whole route once or twice, when I was bored, but ALL DAY?
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