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Wed 19 Mar 2003

OK, so where do I start? The war started last night, I think. Benjamin's ear infection has just about gone away by now, though we still have to force-feed him the antibiotics; poor little guy. He's been very clingy with his mother the last few days. Jacob is learning how to endear himself to his grandparents, and they are swallowing it hook, line, and sinker. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm looking forward to our birthdays this weekend. I hope my parents have enjoyed their time here, but I'm afraid we've rather bored them.

I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Now I'm going to law school, and doing pretty well at it, if I do say so myself. It seems as if the law is profession which very much puts an emphasis on who is the "smartest", whatever that means. But I have a lot to learn about people skills, keeping my temper, and so forth. Just in the past few days my dad has been opening my eyes a bit. To illustrate:

We took our car to a local shop to have the brakes checked recently, and they tried their level best to sell us a pair of tires.

An aside: Of course, me, who as a kid always swore that I would patronize only small businesses, refused to have it done there.

Instead, we took the car to a local warehouse, which I will call "Bam's Club". The guy there informed us that one of the studs on one of the tires had been basically stripped, and that they didn't do it, and we should go back to wherever we had last had the tires taken off. So we went back to the local shop and confronted them about it (I must say, that really my wife did it; I am not too good with confrontation) and the guy there was kinda rude, said that it was just normal wear and tear, and that the manager's usual position was not to do anything. But he wasn't there today, so we'd need to come back tomorrow. On the way out, we told my dad, who was ready to head back in and speak with the guy himself (geez, I'm 28 years old and still can't take care of myself?) until we told him the manager wasn't around.

So I'm rather upset, and immediately draw on my law school experience to think of what theory we're gonna sue the jerks under, even if it is just a stupid bolt, probably worth about 30 cents. But my dad says, oh, just talk to them, explain that it's just a stupid bolt, worth 30 cents or so, and why can't they just fix it, and build some good will, etc.

Law school seems to be all about unpleasant confrontation and argument; indeed, that's about all my Con Law professor lives for. Another aside: my Con Law professor is full of crap, and readily admits he is full of crap; apparently it's all part of the game for him for us to identify exactly what is crap and what isn't.

Aside over. However, I managed to lose points on my Contracts exam, of all things, for not pointing out that for the client's situation, the course of action most likely to benefit him was just renegotiating, and had nothing to do with legal action at all. For some reason, I had it in my head that, if he's coming to see a lawyer, he must be getting ready for a lawsuit, right?

So what happens today -- I find a job announcement for a summer job in an area of law in which I am very interested, but one of the requirements is "must be assertive". Boy. I'm still gonna apply, though.
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