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Wed 14 May 2003

This morning my wife called me out to the yard to see something. It was a bird that had fallen out of its nest; before this morning, I wasn't even aware there was a nest in that tree.

An aside: to excuse myself, I must point out that it's a cedar tree with very heavy foliage...

Sadly, two of the bird's siblings had also fallen out of the nest, and were lying dead nearby. It was a baby grackle, which is not a particularly pretty or nice bird. It's wings had not developed nearly enough for it to be able to fly; the feathers looked like little sticks.

But what do you do with such a thing? Especially when you have two impressionable boys around. There's no way the parents of the bird would have been able to carry it back up to the nest. All day it sat there in the grass, chirping, and sticking out a wide open mouth each time someone came close...

Clearly the poor bird is going to die. Why, oh why do I care about it? Why am I letting it bother me so? I think my wife and I care more about the thing then the kids do, frankly. Should I have taken it upon myself to put it out of its misery, or should I leave it to natural causes, such as the neighbor's cats, or the skunk we've seen wandering around? We left it to natural causes. It's easier that way, at least for me.

Anyway, not much point in that post, but at least I'm posting again. Hello, world!
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