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Wed 17 Nov 2004

Last night, I was having a political discussion with some friends of mine, and happened to mention that I haven't seen Fahrenheit 911, nor will I ever see it. What happens? "Well, aren't you interested in what the other side is saying?" In less disguised terms, what, are you completely closed-minded?

Man, that crap pisses me off. Look, I read Atrios, I read Farber, I don't need to see some propagandistic movie in order to know "what the other side is saying." Maybe I should read Crooked Timber, too, just so I can see more arguments, but I don't. There are only so many hours in the day.

And really, if the girl who asked me that spends any of her time perusing National Review, The Weekly Standard, or The Wall Street Journal op-ed page, I would be surprised. How does she get her information about what the other side is saying? Probably by reading Friedman. That's balance for liberals.

OK, let's face it, this is just another manifestation of my ego, poking through. I honestly think I read more than most other people I know. And very little pisses me off more than when someone assumes I don't know something that in fact I do know. What is it with people? One of my professors blithely told me last night that I didn't know who Pogo was. OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT POGO IS! Walt Kelly, "we have met the enemy, and he is us"! ARGHHH!!! That's as bad as the time in Con Law when the professor states in class "none of you know that Alf Landon was from Kansas" (OK, in all honesty, he might have thrown a "probably" in there to soften the blow a bit -- I can't remember)

Anyway, needed to vent. Rant over. Breathe deep...
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