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Sat 18 Oct 2003

I was thinking the other day about movie endings -- what is the best ending to a movie that I have seen? First and foremost, a person has to mention Casablanca here. Rains is just amazing in that movie, and Bogart and Bergman are excellent, too. For Hitchcock, not that I've seen a ton of his movies, but I'm partial to the ending in Rear Window. Great payoff, when Kelly puts down the travel magazine... The Man from Snowy River has a pretty good ending, too, for the chauvinist in me -- "I'll be back for what's mine!" yeeaaahhh.

But I think my favorite movie ending is a movie few people have seen. That's Mr. Arkadin. It's a pretty dang weird movie; just what you'd expect from a Welles flick, but the payoff at the end is worth it. Some of the individual scenes are hard to follow. OK, MOST of the individual scenes are hard to follow. But the ending, Welles gets absolutely perfect. If you're a movie buff, watch this movie.
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