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Wed 17 Sep 2003

No offense to anyone, but after reading Layne, I realized he was right. I don't think I added anything to any great "conversation" out there, but I needed to vent. And hey, this blog is mine, after all.
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Just some things that I thought were interesting on the net; call it bookmarking if you will.

Saletan points out that both sides lie. Imagine that!

College freshman builds a fusion reactor. Via /.

Spock sings about Tolkien. Not for the faint of heart.
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Well, I may as well report on how the tomatoes turned out. I ended up planting the last two plants near a shed out in our yard. One of them had been eaten in two days; probably the bunnies that frequent our yard. The other one was behind the potted plants for a long time, then suddenly it exploded. We got a bunch of really nice, sweet tomatoes from that plant; in fact, it is still producing now. The potted plants didn't do nearly as well.
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I simply don't understand what the big deal is about Neal Stephenson. I read Cryptonomicon, sure. Apparently you can't be considered a geek without having read it. It was OK; Stephenson keeps the plot going pretty well. Some parts of the book just bugged me, though.

Randy was out on the sidewalk, swiping his card through a pay phone like an assassin drawing a single-edged razor blade across the throat of a tubby politician.
I mean, what is up with that? That is quite possibly one of the worst similes I have ever read in my life. This kind of I'm cool attitude permeates the book.

And I know I'm going to sound like a total snob writing this, but I much preferred Anna Karenina and Moby Dick. At least a person can relate to the characters in those books.
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Best of the Web gets off some great zingers today.

The Times notes that plans are under way to replace the city's voting machines, but laments that "the Shoup will probably stay on the job until 2006, and in the meantime hundreds of thousands of votes may die within the confines of the antique booths." If the paper's agreement with the Ninth Circuit were based on principle rather than partisanship, it would urge the cancellation of the 2004 election as well.
"The Shoup" is an older election machine. On another note...
Bush's political opponents are now arguing, in effect, that Saddam got a bum rap because he was only bluffing, and that this somehow means he should have been left in power so he could murder thousands of Iraqis using weapons of light destruction.
And finally, there's a note about the ACLU fighting an abstinence advertisement in Nevada. Gotta love the ACLU -- NOT!
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Do you know what bugs me? People who print out page after page of stuff they found on the internet. Especially when it's on the public printer that I want to use, too. Call me weird.
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Boy, talk about a generic blog. What can I say, I'm not a design guy. My brother says he'll design a template for me if I want...

These are the sites that I read the most:

instapundit (like many, many other people)
Google News
OK, OK, so I'm biased. Big deal.

Arts & Letters Daily

The best dang writing on the web, period. (At least it was, when I set up this blog 4 years ago.)
Lileks (especially the Bleat)
Eject! Eject! Eject!

Dave Barry
Tim Blair
Worse Than Failure

Legal Stuff
How Appealing
Balkin (when I want to get mad)
Volokh & Co. (I like Phillipe the best) (where did he go, anyway?)
Some Harvard graduate who happens to be totally hilarious.

Other interesting political commentary
Colby Cosh
Impromptus (and what happened to him, too?)
Best of the Web

Baseball stuff
Hunt (What the heck happened to him, anyway?)
Viva El Birdos

Geek stuff

Sites I used to read all the time, but rarely visit anymore
Yahoo Money
Andrew Sullivan
New York Press

Marvelous ways to waste an afternoon
Travels with Samantha (rated PG-13)
The Institute of Official Cheer
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
The Tolkien Sarcasm Page
Wikipedia's BJAODN

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