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Fri 05 Sep 2003

I saw yesterday that My Yahoo now has an integrated rss reader, so I tried it out. Can't read Dave Winer or Instapundit, but it seems to do OK with How appealing and the Volokh conspiracy -- until this morning. The most recent post from How appealing that shows up in My Yahoo is this one, from yesterday afternoon, even though Bashman has posted much more since then. Hmmmm...

and yes, I realize I'm a total hypocrite because I've never even looked at my own rss feed, and I'm pretty sure it's broken. In fact, when I try to add it to my my yahoo page, it doesn't even show up. Sad.

Oops, when I delete the blogs that are there, they keep showing up. Which means the module is effectively hosed right now.

It's particularly sad that it can't read Dave Winer, considering he's the guy who pretty much invented rss in the first place. Quick tutorial for everybody out there who isn't a geek like me -- rss is basically just another file format, kinda like html pages you read on the web, but can save to your computer, or .doc word documents. The format is standardized so that anybody can build their own rss reader (in theory). Kinda like anybody could build their own web browser back in the day... umm, slight digression. The thing with rss, though, is that (to the best of my knowledge) it is strictly a text format, so an rss reader, or aggregator as they're usually called, can display information from several different sites at once, as opposed to the web browser, which only shows one page at a time. This has the result of killing the banner advertisement, a development I fully endorse.

And in case you're interested, I do not have an rss agregator installed on my machine, though I have considered it.
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Well, my first cite-checking assignment is done. The cite-checking wasn't so bad; it was a lot like what I did this summer, only easier. The hard part was actually turning the thing in.

Oh, since I imagine some people reading this don't really understand what the heck I'm talking about, I should explain. Law jounal or law review is sort of a rite-of-passage for law students. The law school will put out at least one law journal containing articles about, surprise, the law. Some journals are completely student-run; these are usually the journals named after the school, like the Indiana Law Journal. The journal I am working for, the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, is peer reviewed, which means that other professors and experts look at the articles before they get published. Second-year students (like myself) receive an accepted article and an assignment of a group of citations and footnotes. Our job becomes to find the sources cited, consider whether the source cited really supports the proposition (which it almost always does, academics don't generally lie), and put the citation into accepted legal format, which is, of course, completely different from citation of any other sort. Then third-year students split up the actual management of the journal. All of this is done for the padding of resumes furthering of legal knowlege and betterment of mankind. Having law journal on your resume helps a great deal, or so I'm told.
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For about a week or so, Jacob has a new thing. When it's time for him and his brother to brush their teeth before bed, he insists that the whole family be in the bathroom at the same time. Usually I stand in the bathtub, as there's not really room to stand anywhere else, and not be in the way of the sink. It's kind of odd, but I guess Jacob feels that's a neat way for the family to all be together. So I try to humor him.

Since school has started, I haven't been able to spend as much time with the kids, and it stinks. I've thought about taking just Jacob with me some Friday evening and going camping, not just so that Mommy can have a break from the strong-willed four-year-old, but so that we can spend some time together, just the two of us. I just wish there was somewhere around here that we could go for less than ten bucks. Yes, I know, I'm cheap.
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Boy, talk about a generic blog. What can I say, I'm not a design guy. My brother says he'll design a template for me if I want...

These are the sites that I read the most:

instapundit (like many, many other people)
Google News
OK, OK, so I'm biased. Big deal.

Arts & Letters Daily

The best dang writing on the web, period. (At least it was, when I set up this blog 4 years ago.)
Lileks (especially the Bleat)
Eject! Eject! Eject!

Dave Barry
Tim Blair
Worse Than Failure

Legal Stuff
How Appealing
Balkin (when I want to get mad)
Volokh & Co. (I like Phillipe the best) (where did he go, anyway?)
Some Harvard graduate who happens to be totally hilarious.

Other interesting political commentary
Colby Cosh
Impromptus (and what happened to him, too?)
Best of the Web

Baseball stuff
Hunt (What the heck happened to him, anyway?)
Viva El Birdos

Geek stuff

Sites I used to read all the time, but rarely visit anymore
Yahoo Money
Andrew Sullivan
New York Press

Marvelous ways to waste an afternoon
Travels with Samantha (rated PG-13)
The Institute of Official Cheer
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
The Tolkien Sarcasm Page
Wikipedia's BJAODN

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