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Fri 28 Mar 2003

OK, I'll bite. Martin posts this on his blog, referring to some software designed for law students here. It looks interesting, certainly quite a bit different from current bulletin boards, chat rooms, or online communities. I wouldn't mind using it here. However, I remain kind of a cynic. I don't think such a system would actually help anybody here learn anything unless they were forced to do it, at the risk of a grade or two. My experience with the legal esearch and writing program has been, shall we say, not the most stellar experience of my time in law school. A large part of that is that some of the work seems painfully like busy work. Another part is that it's just so dang hard to care about it in a pass-fail course. Of course, all of us know that writing and research will be important to any job we get, especially the first few years of practice. But we also know that to get one of those briefcase-carrying jobs at a big firm which pay so well, and which would require the good writing and research skills, a person has to get good grades. And to get good grades, one must study hard at their regular classes. Something has to give here, there's time to read your class assignments and outline, there's time to spend on personal stuff, and there's time to bang your head against a wall perfecting a writing assignment in a pass/fail course, but there (at least to me) doesn't seem to be enough time for all three. Without the personal time, I'd go insane, so I opt to skimp on the writing assignments.

So if we were to use this system, it'd have to be graded. Sad but true. And grading on the basis of something other than final exams is not a law school tradition, and there'd no doubt be resistance to this system.

And don't get me started on this law school's resistance to change. That's a rant for another day.
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I love Bloomington. It's odd; I hear quite a bit of complaining about it in classes here and there, mostly from out-of-staters, but even from some Indianapolis people. I can't understand why. The culture here, to me, at least, seems a unique and appealing mix of the intellectual elite (at least in their own minds) and rednecks. Two groups with bigger egos you never will meet. Even so, both groups, for the most part, just accept the other's presence and move on. The worst any conflict between the two gets is the sniping I hear in my classes about how lame Bloomington is.

Of course, the “intellectual elite” that is here in Bloomington is kind of a Double-A intellectual elite. These are the people who would probably give their right arms to have gone to the Ivy league or some other more prestigious school, but ended up here. Either that, or they're the people who sincerely want to be here and can enjoy themselves. I remember a guy in my classes say a few weeks ago, “Salad? Geez, I didn't come to the midwest to eat salad, I got enough of that in California.” And, if you ask me, those are the kind of people that make this place so cool. Thanks, Dave.
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