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Mon 03 May 2004

Saw this article and made me think. It's about a kid who could throw the ball 95 mph his senior year in high school. But the coach made him throw a lot of sliders, and had him throw way too many pitches, and then he ended up being hurt a lot. Neyer paints the High School coach as the bad guy, of course, and I don't disagree. But, I mean, for the greater glory of what? The coach wanted to win baseball games, the kid wants to play major league baseball. The millions of dollars are incidental, of course. Does the kid just want to play baseball, or does he want to win? What is more important? Or, when it comes right down to it, is either one important?

Man, I don't know what's come into me, but I just care less and less about baseball nowadays, and I don't doubt that law school is partly to blame. I wonder if I take Sports and the Law if I'll feel better or worse about it.

Who am I kidding? I'm only thinking of taking that class because the professor is way cool, other than the Cub fan thing. Not to say that the rest of my professors aren't cool, though! Um, yeah.
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Thu 01 Apr 2004

Interesting. The Cardinals are asking bloggers how much they should pay the best shortstop in the National League when his contract comes due. Redbird Nation is great, although I can't help but wonder if a line has been crossed here that I would rather not have crossed. Is my team so clueless that they're going to fans about financial decisions? If it were any other site, I'd be concerned.
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Wed 28 Jan 2004

Noticed this New York Times article (via the Business of Baseball blog) about the Ticos who sew major league baseballs in Turrialba. I spent 4 months in Turrialba back in 1994, and I remember talking to many people sho worked there. One guy who had just started -- newlywed with a newborn baby, trying to support his new family -- showed me his torn up hands. He would have to pull so hard on the cords, he literally cut his hands. I'm sure after a while he built up the callouses on his hands that all the other workers had, if he kept working there. Problem is, he really didn't have much of a choice.

One reason that the economy in Turrialba is depressed (that is not mentioned in the article) is the closing down of the railroad -- I'm not sure whether the reason for that was that an earthquake wrecked the tracks or the new highway was built through Guapiles -- so now all the people who want to visit the Caribbean coast don't pass through Turrialba anymore. Anyway, I don't have a good answer to their problems -- wish I did -- but I loved the place, and the people there. Hope that the pressure is effective, and doesn't cause Rawlings to just shut the plant down.
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Sat 24 Jan 2004

I just wanna say that Kaz Sasaki is a real man. It's kinda sad that it took him two years, though, to realize that his family was more important than baseball.
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Mon 18 Aug 2003

Couldn't agree more -- Bud Selig is Josef Stalin. You'll have to scroll down a bit.
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Fri 11 Apr 2003

John Hunt has a nice tribute (scroll down a bit, past the baseball stuff.) to Rod Miller, a fellow owner in one of his expert leagues who passed away recently. Apparently he was a Methodist pastor who had to squeeze in his weekly transactions between mass and sunday school. (umm, not that I've ever done anything like that!) He includes this quote from the guy:

"I tell people there are really only three things in life you have total control of," Miller said before the season. "Who you marry, where you will spend eternity and who you draft on draft day."

That will be the next quote at the bottom of the page.
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